the real play is investing your big bread not spending your big bread

When I first started making gumroad money I knew this was once in a lifetime bread. The pandemic created an opportunity to truly come up. At the height of the shut down and the pandemic we were doing 40k in sales on a Friday and 100k a week in total sales. I had never seen anything like it. Most people are happy to make 100k in a year. Most people DONT make 100k a year. But we were doing in per week.

I immediately got this money out of my accounts and into Robinhood, TD and other investment accounts.

I have always been a value investor so I took this money and put big money behind SPG, AMC, AAL, DAL, MGM etc. I just went all in. At this point I had about a quarter million invested in stocks. I knew that eventually the market would correct itself upwards.

I saw this play out as stocks corrected up into the June attempt at reopening. I earned about 90k in about a months worth of time. I was blown away. I wanted to take profits but I knew that my investment thesis was on stocks going back to pre covid levels not merely turning a profit.

So I held and held and continued to invest and boom, after the election we got vaccine news and I made 100k in a day. I was blown away because my best gumroad day was 50k and I doubled that with the money I made from gumroad. From there I have made at least 10k a day across all my investment accounts. I have four.

I realized that the real play is investing your big bread not spending your big bread. Investing your big checks is a way for you to ensure you continue to get big checks. I blows me away that now my stocks are paying me 25k a day and as long as I keep the money ill keep making 25k a day.

Many of us look at stocks and think 7% to 12% in returns but if you invest like Buffet you pick up 100% gains like many of my value stock plays. Currently my 250k Robinhood account is pushing up against 600k. Specifically trading at 599k. All gains baby.

Not only that, I put the majority of my money into a value REIT which also pays a hefty dividend. That play alone has earned me 100k in less than six months and it also pays me $5500 per quarter. Can’t complain about that.

So the point of this post is I could have taken all my gumroad money and just bought a Rolls and a million dollar home and been dripped down in Fendi and Gucci but that would be a quick path to zero. I didn’t’ want to just get rich, I wanted to stay rich. You stay rich by putting that cash to work.

The beautiful thing is that now I have made about a half million on my money, I could buy a Rolls, but I still have the money I have invested. So if I made a mil and bought a rolls I would have 700k. But I made a mil, invested the mil, now I have 1.5 and can buy a Rolls and be left with 1.2! Not only this, I STILL have the capital to make even more money. Rich forever.

The gumroad money that was life changing now allows me to consistently make life changing money over and over and over again. Maybe even more. Ill get to $10m investing while I build my business. You only have to get rich once.

If you aren’t sitting on big bucks I encourage you to stash and invest as much as possible. Learn how to trade options and run up a big bag. Then make that big back permanent and income producing.

Soon you will see that stock money is crazy money. Sales and business is crazy too but the combination is one of a kind.

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